Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence

It’s more than just impressions & clicks—it’s real customers

Promote your business across search engines, social media, and other websites that are relevant to your customers.

After all, you’re not advertising to get impressions and clicks.  You’re doing it to get more buying customers.

Target only the best opportunities

Advertising to everyone is expensive and inefficient. It’s about quality.  We use cutting-edge technologies to promote your business to a hyper-targeted audience, people nearby, past customers, and more.  All without compromising consumer privacy along the way.

With Aperture Advertising Intelligence you’ll have all the tools and expert guidance to direct your Internet advertising to the precise bullseye of your target market so that you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Track results and adjust accordingly

Closing a sale often starts with customer interactions. With Aperture Advertising Intelligence, track specific keywords to gauge your customer’s intent to purchase. Your reports will let you know when your ads result in actual store or website sales.

Don’t get sidetracked with impressions and clicks. You want real customers spending real dollars. Our reports clarify how much revenue you’ve generated based on your average customer value.

Let us take care of it all for you

Our experienced digital advertising professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting for you including creating campaigns, designing graphics, targeting the right people, reviewing data to optimize over time, setting up revenue report generation, and train you to get you going strong.

With Aperture Advertising Intelligence you have all the tools and expert guidance to reach out to whenever you need help or advice.  Take full control of your digital advertising and meet the buying clients!

Bottom Line:

Over 50% of consumers search locations online and visit within the day!  So it is vital that they are aware of you when they are looking for what you have to offer. Aperture Advertising Intelligence provides awareness and attention with an abundance of features and expert guidance to aid you in making your digital ad campaigns a complete success.

The Aperture Business Center dashboard gives you the power to become an expert in digital marketing quickly and easily. Find out what’s making you money and spot trends in your advertising efforts.